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This is a story of woman name Lesedi on inter-dimensional journey through perceived time, space and sound to find out her most true identity meeting otherworldly guides along the way.

"I Hear You" Opera ~ A unique way of storytelling:

Integrating genre defying ethereal music, art & thought altering sound frequencies combined with captivating original modern ballet inspired dance.

Our goal is to push the boundaries of traditional opera.

Drenched in majestic couture and inspiring art, creating magical visuals to offer a fresh and immersive experience for art and culture enthusiasts alike.


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The Story
The Vision

This opera has been living in deferent incarnations in my head since I was 15 years old. At the time, I was  a young Opera singer with big dreams of doing live performances differently. Along with being a singer since as long as I can remember, I had always had a deep love and fascination for ballet and whimsical dance. Even as a young child, I knew one day any show I would be part of creating needed to be equal parts - epic vocals, alternate dimensions, frequencies, magical dance, other-wordly costumes and mixed media artistic set deign. All with an homage to classic operas but done a new way that bends the past and the future. This was very OUT THERE and still is but now is the time to make this wild dream come true! 


Like the awakening of Lesedi, this story needed time to evolve and grow to what t is today... Since 1997, I have been writing music with the visionary artist Mike Soloman (Artist/Composer) and together we are

6 Minute Escape. We have been creating music for years to tell the musical story of what is now I Hear You Opera.


I feel SO honored to have partnered with a some of my favorite ultra talented humans to make this long held vision a reality, like the Goddess like magical Couture Designer, Melissa Kritsotakis! Her ethereal gorgeous creations are bringing these characters to life along with Soloman's incredible artwork. They are a perfect pairing, two ridiculously talented true Artists!


Meet the rest of the AMAZING growing team here. So excited to have this growing group of like minded artists and wonderful humans to help make this vision come true! 

This is just the beginning of this adventure! Looking forward to all the collaborations with new artists, partners and aligned supporters to come!

Thank you 







This is a story of woman name Lesedi on inter-dimensional journey through perceived time, space and sound to find out her most true identity meeting otherworldly guides along the way.


 I Hear You is a cutting-edge sonic opera told through 6 stunningly beautiful movements fusing genre bending music, modern ballet, epic visuals. A feast for both the ears and eyes. Through ethereal otherworldly soundscapes guided by mind altering frequencies, soaring vocals and paired with couture costumes of lush dancing fabrics and textures to create an epically moving live theatrical experience. 


LESEDI - Lead Dancer (Young) & Soprano (Mid- Aged)

CUSTOS - Guide/Protector (Lone Cellist)

OSWIN - Higher Being (Baritone)

THE GRAYS - Dance Ensemble

THE CUSTODIANS - Chamber Choir

THE SONIC EMISSARIES - Chamber Orchestra


Movement I (THE GRAYS)

We open on a stark stage where an ensemble cast of dancers dressed head-to-toe in muddled grey tones shuffle lifelessly to a bleak 174 Hz drone, representing an unconscious wasteland detached from spirit.


Among them, young dance Lesedi already shows first signs diverging from the flock's choreographed motions. Enter the chorals (The Custodians) delicate haunting female chants along with a silhouette figure playing a lone Cello melody. A faintly familiar song, Lesedi's grey clothing starts to show new hues of color.


Movement II (PATTERNS)

Young dancer Lesedi continues straying from lockstep as violin motifs over 285 Hz frequency moving toward a more conscious choice of living, away from the drudgery of third dimensional life. The dancers ensemble continue to dance in droned synch.


Throughout the the opera a lone cello's echo, plays a haunting yet beautiful melody that young Lesedi believes is playing in her head... this is Custos, a benevolent being guiding her through her evolution… He has been with her since birth as her guardian. She only beginning to hear him clearer in her early adulthood, through each movement his song gets louder and more defined until the end of her awakening accession. Unclear on her next steps... she feels paralyzed of how to move forward. She is frozen on stage as as the dancers move around her and her colors of light shift and  she falls into a deep ... the dancers disperse  and the stage goes black.


Movement three is a ethereal dream sequence where Lesedi feels like she is floating in some alternate dimension- weightless in the depths of an vast void in space, an unfamiliar ocean … to a soundscape in 432 HZ. It is an exploration of new parts of herself awakening represented with dark corners of the stage and pops of light as the dancers move around in in different vibrant colors as if they are alien like sea life… she floats mid stage suspended in the air in a gorgeous cosmic/oceanic inspired gown touching the sea like floor … this dream is representing her new journey into the unknown and starting to feel a life in color away from the grays, discovering an alternate reality of her existence, much like this discovery of new life forms in the vast ocean. Custos' song remains ever present a visits again in this dream state. This is the ocean of her consciousness. 

Movement IV (BREATH)

Opening on a golden lit stage like the golden hour of film, enters a towering more confident, mid aged Lesedi moving  slowly walking toward center stage adorned in a dramatic purple gown and cape. She is no longer the young lost girl she was before, she is now in full acceptance of her gifts, still learning to recognize and ask her team. A long pause and breath as she takes in the new and lets go of the old that no longer serves her. She stands tall and starts to sing Custos familar song. Her voice is now rich and powerful. The Sonic Emissaries & Custodians join her melody.


As their song flows Lesedi looks to one corner of the stage to see young dancer Lesedi her former self and nods to thank her and then looks to the other side of stage and sees Custos. She invites him to join her. Their song crescendos and to the left of the stage where young Lesedi once stood now appears a beautiful, tall other-worldy man and motions him to now join them to make a trio. This is Oswin.


As the uplifting music continues to ring throughout the theater, the stage fades to black, into complete silence. Pause. We begin to hear the echos of dissonant tones...


Movement V (RELEASE)

In this 4th movement we see Lesedi's mournful transition from her former self to a new state of being. On a dark stage, she moves slowly in grief, accompanied by melancholy haunting music and shadowy dancers mirroring her inner turmoil morning her past self and perceived old limitations. A bright light suddenly appears, drawing Lesedi towards as the dancers depart.  She begins to shed her former self as the yearning music builds and she joins Oswin and Custos creating a new hopeful melodies together. Finally the trio bathing in the warm light, though still weighed by the past, they exude hopeful transcendence as the melody soars uplifting into her new beginning in 852Hz , a reprise of the title song in "Breath" with new found depth.


Movement VI (ASCENSION) 

With new way of being , the finale soars as Lesedi and Oswin's voices sung atop the 963 Hz vibrational tone- the infinite current beyond visible dimensions where beginnings meet no end. The trio unites in a symphonic crescendo with Lesedi, Oswin & Custos in an epic song together as one! (Soprano, Baritone & Cello) Their song trembles and makes waves through veils as dancers left below remain still, anchored by weights of this dense plane. Their final voices sing purely as one, shedding the last shreds of illusions while draped in gold and diamond silks. The Sonic Emissaries and The Custodians accompany in a chant as awakened sound reaches but does not yet wake the sleeping souls left behind as dancers left below remain still, anchored by weights of mistaken identity.  Lesedi and Oswin ascend as one and walk up and off stage. Custos disappears into the dancers to find his next protege.


The the audience is left, feeling an energetic shift while experiencing epic sonic and visual beauty. 





I Hear You

Medieval Castle

Premiere Showing 

One of our first goals is to have an exclusive pre-launch One Act showing for our highest contributing backers at a mystery Chateau in France 2025


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